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The Novus® Twig at Sentiens.us

No Boundaries – No Limits

Novus® fits into your lifestyle when and where you need it most. Unlike other products that may be restricted in use if you’re in an airplane, at a restaurant or theater, in a hotel room, at your desk, or even in your car, Novus® can be used anywhere and anytime you begin to feel the urge for a cigarette and nicotine.
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Unique Taste – Authentic Feel

Novus® is designed in the form factor of a cigarette, based on research that supports the efficacy of behavioral cues that result from the rod modality. Not a plastic substitute with batteries, LEDs, or electronics, Novus® is made from paper, and is fully biodegradable. And the introductory flavors – full, smooth, mint, lemon, or citrus – offer unique or familiar tastes to any smoker.
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Offensive to No One

Novus® will not harm anyone with an offensive odor. There is no visible vapor produced to cause alarm or concern that there is smoke coming from it. All the ingredients are natural and safe for human inhalation. The Novus® is not addictive to anyone, there is no nicotine in our Product.
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