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If you are a smoker and need help quitting, there are a variety of smoking cessation products and programs available to you. Please note that Novus is not a smoking cessation product. It is an alternative to cigarette smoking and eCigarettes for smokers who want to enjoy the satisfaction of smoking in a harm-reduced manner and in environments and social settings in which they cannot smoke.  Testomials below is a sampling of unsolicited feedback from customers. Please read information in our entire web site, Blog &  FAQ  – more information also available on our corporate website @ www.sentiens.us.

Hello Sentiens. A new customer but already an acolyte and, I venture to say, a probable advocate going forward… I am Harvard-trained practicing Oncologist and Oncologic Surgeon, community-embedded, accessible and a horrific smoker for decades – but now a devoted “Novus-ite” who does NOT miss tobacco for one moment (and has multiple urine tests negative for nicotine from approved drug-testing labs)!

1. Dr. Jason, Jupiter, FL.

I recently ordered your products, really enjoyed the E twig. The electronic vapor one . I have several friends I need to get these for.

2. Erika S, Atlanta, GA.

GREAT “smoking” feeling. As someone who is just an occasional smoker, this product fits the bill. . The Twigs. Look and feel is what is closest to the mimicking of smoking, which is what is one of the most intriguing aspects of this product. Wanted to also say a big “THANK YOU” for the top notch customer service. You went above and beyond when you didn’t have to, and it was greatly appreciated. I hope the company continues to tweak these products and make them a success nationwide. Smokers and non-smokers alike will appreciate what you are trying to do here. In the meantime, I’ve ordered myself a Mint eTwig. Keep up the great work, Novus!

3. Brianna G, Lexington, SC.

Thanks a bunch!!  3 weeks, 3 days smoke free!! Hardest thing I’ve ever done, after 20+ yrs, never thought I’d stay quit. Your product is a life saver, literally! … Love the product, will order more!!

4. Mary B, Union, WA.

I have to say as a nicotine feen I was quite impressed. Good work and thanks!

5. Abby M, Tempe, AZ

I was struggling to stop smoking, I found your product online and it’s working great. I tried the Smooth flavor. I’m going to highly recommend to anyone trying to stop smoking.

6. Allen M, Wayne, WV

I am not an “addicted” smoker; however, because I often crave the act as well as the social aspects of smoking. While the e-cigarette tastes just fine, I think I don’t require the nicotine. I would be happy to purchase as it is a safer alternative to a normal e-cigarette and a VERY smart alternative to smoking true cigarettes.. Of all the research I did today, I think the information you’ve provided makes the most sense.

7. Kevin K, CA

I have just ordered another batch of twigs. I did enjoy the smooth and I enjoyed the mint even more!  I really enjoy Novus twigs because I have friends who smoke, and I’ve often noted the advantage having a cigarette in your hand can give to a conversation. Add that to my oral fixation, … but didn’t want to fill my lungs with harmful substances, or become addicted to nicotine. So Novus is really great.

8. Michael C, Grand Rapids, MI

I just received your product. Now, I do not smoke, but I do use smokeless tobacco, I just had a craving for nicotine and tried Novus for the first time. I thought it strange how my craving was completely satisfied after that first draw even though it does not contain nicotine. This product offers a lot of hope to tobacco users everywhere who are want to quit, but find it hard.

9. Jacob H, Memphis, TN

I wanted to tell you that I am so proud of myself that I am 3 days smoke free! I absolutely love the lemon flavor.

10. Jessica C, New Smyrna , FL

I’ve gotta say, I was very doubtful about your product initially … However, I just tried it upon craving a cigarette, and I have to say, this is a great product! Not quite like a cigarette, but it truly does seem to satisfy cravings, which I had never thought possible of a nicotine-free product! I’ve gotta say, I think this product could help me a lot and I would definitely be interested in purchasing it!  Thank you!

11. Rachael R, Farmington, MO

Your customer service is exceptional and I tell everyone about your company.  You have kept a loyal customer!

12. Kendra L, Richmond, KY

I received your Novus and loved them and haven’t smoked since!

13. Marylou S, Troy, OH

My mother received a Novus eTwig from you and she has not smoked in 4 days now !!!! I would like to stop smoking also!

14. Michelle P, Toney, AL

As a Pulmonary Clinical Nurse Specialist I’m concerned about the affect of tobacco as well as nicotine for my patients who currently smoke. I’d like the benefits of eTwig and Novus Twigs.

15. Sandy, MI

I just got mine in the mail. And thanks to u, i  havent  smoked in one day. Thanks again for making an awesome invention!

16. Emily A, Clovis, CA

I am in the process of quitting smoking and have been using the Novus.  They do help greatly in reducing the urge to smoke. Thanks!

17. Mike C, Hogansburg, NY

My friend told me about your produce and said how good it was.. I had to try for myself!

18. Kim, Sacramento, CA

I love your product and am wondering when you’ll be in NYC stores? Thanks!

19. Pamela S, NewYork City, NY

I have finally been able to stop smoking for good using your products and I’m thrilled 🙂

20. Sandy H, Franklin, KY