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Clinical Study Validates BotanicBoost Satisfaction Performance... Novus is Proven to Satisfy
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When you Crave a smoke….but not the nicotine… Novus can satisfy
Try the NOVUS® System! A new approach to satisfying smokers

Step 1 - Deep & immediate satisfaction

(Nicotine Free but compares to 1.8% – 2.4% e-cig)

• Strong intense throat hit but without nicotine
• A healthy, non-nicotine alternative to e-cigs
• Botanic Boost satisfaction in an electronic delivery device
• Can be used wherever e-cigarettes are used
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Step 2 - Long term freedom from nicotine

(Nicotine Free but compares to 0.6% -1.2% e-cig)

• 100% paper, looks and feels just like a cigarette
• Proven to satisfy like a cigarette
• Familiar in Look & Feel, but completely unique in taste and experience
• A solution for the most restricted smoking locations
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The Novus® Advantage

BotanicBoost® can provide a satisfying and familiar throat hit that satisfies like a cigarette, but is an entirely new experience for the smoker when combined with the Novus® system of products. Novus® Twig contains no nicotine or tobacco – a completely natural bio-degradable paper product that feels just like a cigarette, and effectively satisfies like a cigarette without the use of drugs, tars, or tobacco. eTwig by Novus® is also nicotine and tobacco free, and provides a deep and strong throat hit with the familiarity in design of electronic cigarettes.

Feel The BotanicBoost

Providing satisfaction without addiction, BotanicBoost® is unique. The proprietary blend of botanic ingredients effectively provides the necessary boost you need when you have a desire for a cigarette, but without the harmful effects of caffeine or nicotine.
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Learn about the science behind Novus®.
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