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Health & Wellness Focus

We are very focused on the health and safety of our customers and our planet. We take great pride in our focus on developing products which use natural ingredients that have been safely used for years or even centuries. We consider ourselves and our company to be engaged in the healthcare industry, with a technology and products that utilize a complementary medicine approach to health and wellness. All of our materials are natural and biodegradable, and our formula uses ingredients that have long histories of use and safety. Our ingredients are generally recognized as safe (“GRAS”) by the FDA for food use.

Smoking Health Facts

According to the World Tobacco Atlas, every 6 seconds someone will die from the use of tobacco. In the 21st Century, it is estimated that over 1 billion people will die from tobacco use. That is 14% of today’s global population. Yet over 20% of the world’s adult population still smokes despite the knowledge of this information. We are not suggesting that Novus® can prevent this pandemic, nor solve it. We do believe that Novus® can be an attractive alternative for a smoker when they seek the satisfaction, the comfort, and the independence that smoking a cigarette may provide. With a blend of natural ingredients that have been used for years to complement pharmaceutical treatments, Novus® with BotanicBoost® is a truly botanical alternative.


Novus® with it's patented BotanicBoost® formula is a fully natural product, designed with a holistic view of our responsibility to a sustainable use of the Earth’s natural resources. Novus Twig® is completely biodegradable from the twig’s outer wrap, to the inner paper, to the formula itself. The outer wrap is a specially coated paper that provides a protective barrier to our infused inner liner. Tipping paper, normally used to combine a tobacco column with a filter and to add a design characteristic, is added to bring authenticity to the appearance. The inner liner of the twig is another specialty paper which has a high density with relatively shorter fiber lengths providing a good tensile strength and some hydrophobic qualities. This paper provides an absorptive base for the BotanicBoost derived formula which is applied to the liner.

Product & Nutritional Information

The Novus® product design is an important visual and physical cue for the user, and the BotanicBoost® formula provides the triggering effects. The formula is derived from a proprietary blend of natural flavors, herbs, spices and other botanical tinctures, all of which have been scientifically chosen based on each of their proven abilities to activate the body’s sensory system. These ingredients are organically sourced, then blended and concentrated to provide an optimum experience for the user. We choose to use the natural world that we were graciously given to provide the basis for our inspiration. BotanicBoost® works by triggering sensory receptors in the body’s nervous system, which in turn send signals to the brain. The amount of the formula that is brought into the mouth and throat is approximately 50 microliters per inhalation, which is a trace amount not even to the level of ingestion. Novus® is not a nutritional supplement and does not provide any nutritional value to the user, such as vitamins, minerals, protein or calories.


Novus Twig®, particularly, can safely be used in any setting or environment, even where smoking or e-cigarette use is not allowed. There is no battery, no light, no flame or vapor, just a liquid formula in a specially made Twig. Novus Twig & eTwig® will not be offensive to anyone standing or sitting around you. Novus® contains ingredients that are considered safe by the FDA for food use. They fall under the label of Generally Recognized as Safe (“GRAS”). GRAS provides that certain products may not require pre-market review and approval by the FDA if the ingredients are “generally recognized, among qualified experts, as having been adequately shown to be safe under the conditions of its intended use, or unless the use of the ingredient is otherwise excluded from the definition of a food additive.” Substances may be considered GRAS either through a scientific procedure or if it was used before 1958 “through experience based on common use in food.”

Not intended for use by minors or non-smokers

We have developed BotanicBoost® using natural materials and botanical ingredients that are recognized as having been used safely for years regardless of age. Despite that, Novus® was designed for smokers, is intended for use by those adult smokers and is not intended for use by minors or non-smokers. Novus® offers smokers a non-tobacco, non-nicotine and drug free alternative to smoking in a harm reduced manner and the ability to enjoy smoking in situations when they choose not to or are restricted from smoking.

Novus requires NO Lighting or Flame to use

Novus® is intended to be used by the vaporization, through inhalation, of the proprietary BotanicBoost® formula that is infused into both the Twig and eTwig. There is no need to light the Novus® Twig, and without a match, a lighter, or smoke it is safer to use than a cigarette. eTwig uses a battery to heat the BotanicBoost® formula, so similarly works through heating and vaporization, not combustion.