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eTwigs utilize the familiar hardware used for e-cigarettes, but replaces nicotine with our all natural, healthy BotanicBoost formula. The first eTwig introduced is a premium disposable version that provides up to 400 puffs (depending on the user) or about 2 to 2 ½ pack equivalence. eTwig Disposable comes in three traditional flavors – Full Flavor, Mint and Smooth. The performance of eTwig is similar to a full strength cigarette or Bold e-cigarettes (18 – 24 mg or 1.8% - 2.4% nicotine by weight). So for those that are familiar and comfortable with vaping, or who want a stronger throat hit, or want a product that can last for up to 400 puffs, eTwig may be the choice for you.
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Novus® Twig is a 100% paper product that is infused with BotanicBoost. Because of this design, Twigs have been praised by users as looking and feeling just like a cigarette. While e-cigarettes make that same claim, the fact is a plastic battery powered tube cannot look and feel just like a cigarette. Twigs use the same outer paper and tipping paper as cigarettes, and our inner paper infused with BotanicBoost provides the same weight in the hand as a real cigarette. Since Twigs are not lit or use a battery, they can be used anywhere even in places where e-cigarettes are not allowed. The performance of Twigs is similar to a light cigarette, or low nicotine e-cigarettes (6 – 12mg or 0.6% - 1.2% nicotine by weight). So for those that prefer that performance, or desire an alternative that most closely matches a cigarette in look and feel, or find themselves in situations where cigarettes and even e-cigarettes are not allowed, the Twig may be the choice for you.
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The Novus® twigs have been designed to provide smokers an alternative not only to cigarettes but also to nicotine delivery systems. Novus® is a NICOTINE FREE BotanicBoost™ delivery system that has proven to satisfy like a cigarette. Novus® is proving that you do not need nicotine to get the satisfaction you desire.

How does it work?
Why nicotine alternative,why start sentiens,why invent botanicboost,why quit smoking,why novus It’s not magic…it’s science. The patented Novus® system of products was developed with a scientifically designed BotanicBoost™ formula of natural flavors, spices and botanical tinctures. For the Novus® twig, the formula was designed to be volatile at room temperature so even though no combustion or heating takes place, inhalation delivers minute quantities into the mouth and throat. BotanicBoost™ effectively triggers the sensory system to create sensations mimicking the satisfaction of cigarettes, without any nicotine or tobacco toxins, carcinogens, carbon monoxide or other harmful combustion products. Novus® twigs come in two different types – the original Novus® twigs and the new eTwig. For many of our customers, having the choice of using both Novus® products in different situations may be ideal.

How is Novus® used?
Using Novus® products is easy. They are BEST USED when there is a CRAVING for a cigarette, not right after a smoke. We suggest trying and using Novus® when you have a desire for a cigarette experience. For the Novus® twig, simply remove the twig from its pouch and place it to your mouth. Do NOT light it, but draw from it just as you normally would. We have found that a slightly deeper inhalation provides a better experience because the formula is activated through air flow. You’ll want to do some trial and error to find the best way to use Novus® for you…everyone’s smoking style is different. Normal use is between 6-8 draws or the same number as you’d draw from a cigarette. Why nicotine alternative,why start sentiens,why invent botanicboost,why quit smoking,why novus After 8 draws, the intensity of the throat hit may lessen as your body’s senses adjust, but the Novus® Twig is still good and will last as much as 2 – 3 cigarettes. When done, you can place it back in the pouch or a container until the next time you crave a cigarette. Once you’re finished discard. It is biodegradable. For the eTwig, remove it from the package and remove the red pull strip. Simply press the BotanicBoost button and inhale as you would normally smoke. Similar to the twig, you may notice the throat hit sensation becoming duller as your body’s senses adjust, but the eTwig will last the equivalent of about 2 packs of cigarettes.