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Novus® is a completely new approach to craving satisfaction, and an entirely new product category. BotanicBoost® contains no nicotine, no tobacco  – a completely natural product that effectively satisfies cravings without the use of drugs, tars, or tobacco. While Novus® is unique, there are other products advertised and promoted to provide some of the same results, but each has some negative effects compared to Novus®. We’ve addressed some of these below.


Cigarettes and Other Smoking Products

The Grand Daddy of them all, cigarettes and other smoking products are by far the largest and most used of the products listed. According to the Tobacco Atlas, there are almost 5.9 trillion cigarettes consumed annually around the world, and 1.0 billion people are projected to die due to tobacco use this century. That is over 14% of the world’s population. Tobacco smoke contains over 2,000 chemicals and components, and 68 are known to be cancer causing. The causal relationship between cigarette smoking and life shortening diseases has been widely known and communicated since 1964.

The Novus® Advantage - Smoking products

Novus® contains no tobacco, no nicotine or other drugs, is not lit, and uses ingredients that are generally recognized as safe by the FDA for food use – End of story! We believe there is no safe way to use tobacco or nicotine, and the scientific research and health communities widely support our viewpoint. Even the tobacco industry agrees, which is why tobacco companies are aggressively developing products promoted as “harm reducing”. We also empathize with smokers in our current environment, and want to be an advocate for them, and for their often times very difficult path towards cessation. If you are a smoker, we urge you to quit. If you need help quitting, there are a variety of smoking cessation products and programs available to you. We encourage you to consider which of these programs may be right for you. Please note that Novus® has not been evaluated by the FDA and is not intended as a smoking cessation product. It is an alternative to cigarette smoking for smokers who want to enjoy the satisfaction of smoking in a harm-reduced manner and in environments or social settings in which they cannot smoke.

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Smokeless Tobacco

There are many alternative smokeless tobacco products in the market today, and the offerings are increasing significantly. SNUs, which are smokeless and spitless tobacco products that come in small paper pouches placed in the mouth, are the most significant development. Tobacco companies have long seen the need to diversify from traditional cigarettes and have millions of dollars to support product development. Industry analysts have seen growth in smokeless tobacco as the biggest trend in the industry.

The Novus® Advantage - Smokeless Tobacco

BotanicBoost®, the satisfying formula in Novus® products, contains no tobacco, nicotine or other drugs. Smokeless tobacco actually provides more nicotine than cigarettes. Much of the nicotine in cigarettes vaporizes and blows away with the smoke, yet frighteningly enough volume is still inhaled to lead to all of the effects smokers receive. With smokeless tobacco, all of the nicotine is absorbed into the skin resulting in an even higher level of nicotine through their use. Carcinogens from tobacco smoke may not be involved, but other carcinogens from tobacco remain and the damage of nicotine is even greater. While we embrace any efforts to reduce harm, we believe there are better approaches, and Novus® is that better approach.

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Often described as an alternative nicotine delivery device, e-cigarettes have caused quite a stir from all camps – smokers, tobacco companies, anti-smoking advocates, researchers and world health organizations. e-Cigarettes were first introduced at prices of $50 – $75, and included a full kit of chargers, etc. Over the last few years, new versions have been launched including disposable versions, some that incorporate social networking technologies, and many different flavors. With growing popularity, there will likely be continued new developments in this product category, much like other electronic technology products. Market research suggests that many smokers are trying e-cigarettes in large numbers, and the growth in use is leading to heightened concerns and regulation. The initial intent of e-Cigarettes was to deliver nicotine in a new and different way.

The Novus® Advantage - eCigarettes

Novus® was designed from the beginning as a product that would provide the satisfaction of a cigarette without nicotine or tobacco. The approach was scientifically driven by our team that has years of pharmaceutical experience. It was focused on a deep understanding of how nicotine affects the body’s functions, and what other aspects of smoking reinforce that behavior. As more research finds that nicotine is a much more destructive drug than previously known, the use of it in products like e-cigarettes could make them uniquely dangerous. E-cigarettes can often deliver much more nicotine than smoking a cigarette. Novus Twig® and Novus eTwig® are completely natural, and they contain no nicotine or harmful drugs.

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Nicotine Replacement Therapies (“NRT”)

Widely known by the brand names Nicorette (Gum), Nicoderm CQ (Patch), and Nicotrol (inhaler), NRT's have been fully embraced by the world health organizations in their fight against tobacco use. Originally sold by prescription, many NRTs are now available over the counter, with less regulation and oversight than prescription drugs. The concept is valid – since nicotine is a major addictive drug in cigarettes, NRTs attempt to slowly reduce the amount of nicotine delivered to the brain and theoretically reduce the addictiveness of smoking. The only problem is that there are other negative consequences of nicotine besides maintaining a smoker’s need for cigarettes. Additionally, recent research has suggested that the effectiveness of NRT’s is much less than previously promoted despite millions of government supported dollars being spent to subsidize their use.

The Novus® Advantage - NRT

Novus® does not contain nicotine – End of story! Instead we rely on research which has proven that other factors besides nicotine contribute to the satisfaction of smoking, including the social and behavioral cues tied to the form factor and environment. Novus®, through our patented BotanicBoost technology, uses a proprietary formula of natural ingredients that have been widely used for centuries. That formula, released through inhalation into the mouth, can produce similar effects as nicotine. The shape and feel of Novus® is familiar and utilizes the reinforcing power of the social cues to satisfy cravings. Recent research from Yale University even suggests that these social and tactile factors play a greater role in the addictiveness for women smokers than for men.

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